Lisa Steel – It’s Never too Late to Live Your Dreams!

Joy Faith Hope

What is this site about?

Some topics I intend to write about are positive self body image, being a late bloomer when it comes to finding love/dating and following your dreams.  Topics that I am passionate about are things that I myself have previously dealt with or am currently experiencing.  If my words inspire just one person to get out there and live life more fully, then I will have met my goal for this site.

What motivates me? 

My desire to live my dream and not some version of what society thinks I should be.  I have come to realize that life is too short not to do what you are passionate about.  Taking the leap is scary but the thought of living my live and wondering “what if” is scarier.  Seeing my friends suffer with illness motivates me to be as healthy and physically fit as I can so that I can live the best life possible.